PicoEnergy warehouse in UK

Pico Energy UK - first Announcement
Local expert in Denmark for PicoEnergy heat pumps.

When the sun goes down...

... the PicoEnergy heat pumps are still in operation for you.


We are at your disposal
In March 2018, the Dutch government decided to shut down the gas supply to the Groningen gas field in 2030.

Reference plant in Great Britain

In order for heat pump technology to be exported from Austria to Great Britain, special measurement and certification criteria must be met.

Technical Meeting with partners from NL

PicoEnergy met it´s partner Anders Verwarmen at the showroom in Pinsdorf
PicoEnergy has gained a very competent partner with a large network for energy systems in UK.
With Havaşi Instalaţii PicoEnergy has gained a competent partner for innovative energy systems.

When the sun rises...

... the PicoEnergy heat pumps are already in operation.

High power for higher demands

PicoEnergy heat pump rise up

E-smart & E-mobility

If you are looking for the latest developments in energy management, you can find them at PicoEnergy in Pinsdorf.
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