Active cooling for PicoEnergy brine source heat pumps

The active cooling possibility "AC" for the RuralECO 400V versions, is available now to customers in sizes of 4-11 kW or 6-17 kW. The highlight of our new efficient energy bundle is the integrated possibility to cool the heating system without using external parts or modules. Of course, customers will also find the tried-and-tested PicoEnergy technology in the heat pump, "says PicoEnergy Managing Director Dr. Hannes Jakob.

Further advantages of PicoEnergy air heat pumps are:

  •      Can be combined with photovoltaic, solar and energy management
  •      Maximum efficiency through intelligent power control
  •      Also suitable for cooling
  •      High quality - product from Upper Austria
  •      Individual warranty packages
In addition to the new AC brine source heat pumps, customers can also choose from several construction variants of the air-compact heat pump. It combines evaporator and heat pump in one device.

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