Dear customers and business partners,

Due to the further expansion of COVID-19, some measures have already been implemented by the federal government or are still expected. PicoEnergy is constantly dealing with the current situation. We have already implemented many precautionary measures to protect our employees and customers. Another step is to ensure all operational processes and to remain able to act.

The following measures are currently being implemented at our location:

  • Reduction / cancellation of personal meetings and travel restrictions
  • Online trainings and meetings with our Meeting platform
  • Organization of "home office" in administrative areas
  • Access restrictions on the company premises or when entering buildings
  • Increase in hygiene measures
  • Ongoing exchange of information with our international partners on the respective development of national exclusion zones and transport obstacles




  • General

If there are restrictions in your company regarding the handover of goods, please inform us before the shipment begins. This will avoid unexpected costs.


  • Czech Republic

From 13.3. the weekend driving ban in the Czech Republic is lifted. This measure is intended to alleviate the situation at the Brenner and enable a higher flow of traffic.

  • Croatia

From 16.3.2020, consignments to Croatia can no longer be accepted temporarily - due to strict measures when entering there.

  • Europe

The transport of goods within Europe is currently not restricted. However, space and capacity bottlenecks in air and ocean freight and delays in local truck transport can have an impact on transit times and pricing.

As a preventive measure, our partners will also be working from home in the affected countries as of next week. The personnel necessary for the maintenance of the operating facilities there will of course remain on site. We are able to continue to maintain our products and minimize the impact.
If you have any questions, please contact the PicoEnergy Office

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