Geothermal Absorber System

Geothermal heat absorber modules collect valuable energy from the surrounding soil. With proper dimensioning, a reliable regeneration of the soil in the absorption environment is ensured.


Our geothermal energy absorber system is a very near-surface source for PicoEnergy brine heat pumps with an extremely low space requirement.


Due to the large heat exchanger surface of our vertically installed absorber strings, we achieve a large cubature of soil with high efficiency, which means that we need about a net area of ​​7 m² per kW for the standard installation of our absorbers at a depth of just 1.5 m .

But what to do if the area is not sufficient for this?
Then we lay on two levels!
Experience has shown that we can halve our space requirements again if we bring a lower level into 2.3 to 2.5 m depth and fill in between 80 cm and 1 m sand and then the upper level in 1.5 m standard - Lay the installation depth.
In the meantime we have already built systems in which even 3 strings were laid one below the other (lowest level at a depth of at least 3.1 m).
To increase efficiency, drainage pipes for rainwater infiltration can be laid between the levels and connected to downpipes. This enables the soil to regenerate very quickly, even in deeper layers.
In this way and with the appropriate design, it is even possible to lay absorber systems under buildings. However, a special design in consultation with us is required.

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