Heat pumps from Upper Austria for the Netherlands

In March 2018, the Dutch government decided to shut down the gas supply to the Groningen gas field in 2030. This means that the supply of natural gas will be discontinued for around 2 million households and that concepts with renewable energies will have to be converted.

Compact, modulating heat pumps that replace the central heating boiler represent a corresponding alternative. By using its brine heat pumps WPS618 Triple, PicoEnergy 2019 set up a reference system for a Dutch customer. The triple solution combines three PicoEnergy heat pumps in an intelligent way and makes many advantages usable. One of the heat pumps takes over the controlling function, the second and third supply energy.

In addition to a large setting range of the heating output from 5 to 50 kW, maximum security against failure can be ensured by redundant design. In combination with the latest control technology, the regulation of the heat pump via mobile phone, tablet or PC as well as a connection to intelligent energy management systems is made possible.

Source: CTC

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