New heat pump concept

With the heat pump concept PLUS we offer full power with maximum flexibility and a variable heat output of 5 - 66 kW.

The RuralECO + 1 extension combines two, the RuralECO + 2 extensions combines three and the RuralECO + 3 extensions even four PicoEnergy heat pumps in an intelligent way and creates more benefits as usual.

One of the heat pumps assumes the controlling function, further extensions supplies energy. Thus, in addition to a large adjustment range of the heating power of 5 - 66 kW, a maximum of failure safety can also be ensured by redundant design. Heavy towing has an end - with this concept, the introduction into the technical room will be much easier. The redundant design also simplifies the storage of spare parts.


RuralECO WPS618 = 5 - 17 kW



RuralECO WPS618 + 1x Extension RuralECO WPS618 = 5 - 32 kW

RuralECO WPS618 + 2x Extension RuralECO WPS618 = 5 - 49 kW

RuralECO WPS618 + 3x Extension RuralECO WPS618 = 5 - 66 kW

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