Reference plant in Great Britain

In order for heat pump technology to be exported from Austria to Great Britain, special measurement and certification criteria must be met. The export offensive of the state of Upper Austria made it much easier to set up a reference plant in Great Britain. PicoEnergy used the WPLC monoblock air heat pumps for the first time in the project.

The special thing about this type is the above-average efficiency. By using a large DC fan, the model is also very quiet in operation. The scroll compressor with innovative inverter technology in combination with the latest control technology enables features such as "Internet Inside", control of the heat pump via mobile devices and the connection to smart home technologies.

As single-phase power connections are very often available in the UK, switching to heat pumps is often a major challenge. PicoEnergy has developed a speed-controlled heat pump from 6 to 18 kW heating cable, which can also be operated in a single phase and is therefore particularly well suited for the British market.

Source: CTC

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