Sales start for PicoEnergy heat pump in Spain

With Belenus Nature, PicoEnergy has gained a dedicated system provider for innovative energy systems. On June 18th, the 1st air source heat pump was shipped to Spain. A few days after arrival, the heating of the fashion factory in the north-east of Spain began.

"Easy installation, highest efficiency and easy control - they are similar to other countries. We are pleased about the many positive feedback from the employees ", says PicoEnergy CEO Dr. Hannes Jakob.

"The products manufactured in Austria are among the most efficient energy solutions on the market and are used more than 12,000 times throughout Europe. Be it a geothermal heat pump, an air heat pump or a groundwater heat pump - we also see great potential for this collaboration in Spain, "adds Belenus Nature Manager Xosé.Luís Pérez.

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