When the sun goes down...

With HSC instalatii, PicoEnergy has a highly qualified partner for innovative energy systems at his side for the rumanian and polish country. The heating system of the building on this pictures, has been upgraded to state of the technology with our ECOAir compact WPLC618 air source heat pump. Last week, the air / water heat pump has been put into operation in Poland, which is responsible for the radiator system, to cool down the underfloor heating area and hot water preperation.

"We enjoy each commissioning with these heat pumps very much and are already looking forward to the next ones. The simplest and quickest installation, as well as the intelligent control system, greatly reduce the time needed for us on-site and this is also what our customers are looking for. Together with Solarthermal and PV, which will be controlled by the heat pump as well, customers just need one central controler, the heat pump display. Due to all those reasons, I hug them everytime before we are leaving and customers will do the same I guess, when they see their cost-savings" said HSC instalatii junior CEO, Sebastian Havasi.

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