When the sun rises...

With Anders Verwarmen, PicoEnergy has a highly qualified partner for innovative energy systems at his side. The entire building, which includes 42 apartments for students, has been upgraded to state-of-the-art technology. On 3 October, the 3 air / water heat pumps WPLT1234 in the Netherlands were put into operation, which are responsible for both the heating and for the hot water of the house.

"We are actively working on sustainable energy solutions. These increase comfort, reduce CO2 emissions and can be used in all building types. That's why we have much to choose from PicoEnergy. We enjoy every commissioning with these heat pumps very much and are already looking forward to the next ones. The simplest and quickest installation, as well as the intelligent control system, greatly reduce the time needed for on-site operation and this is also what our customers are looking for, "said the two Anders Verwarmen Development Managers.

picture 2, left to right: Dr. Hannes Jakob, Robert Poelman, Jeroen Post.

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