W06EuC - NDB® Grundwasserwärmepumpe

W06EuC - NDB® Grundwasserwärmepumpe


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The efficient brine heat pump NDW is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. The... mehr
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The efficient brine heat pump NDW is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.
The noise-optimized plastic housing ensures extremely quiet operation. The scroll compressor, the condenser and evaporator, the safety devices (high-pressure and low-pressure pressostat) and the entire control system are housed in this housing.
Furthermore, the heat pump is equipped as standard with energy-saving high-efficiency pumps for the heating and brine circuit, electronic expansion valve and the intelligent control technology CP022.
Rubber buffers are attached to the underside of the heat pump to prevent vibrations from being transmitted to the building. The AP420 room control unit is also included in the scope of delivery.
The refrigerant R410A is filled and checked at the factory, so the heat pump only needs to be connected to the heating system on site. The working material of the source system is an environmentally friendly water-antifreeze mixture. The heat is extracted either by means of flat collectors or depth probes. In addition, flow temperatures up to 62 ° C can be achieved.

- Water / water heat pump
- Maximum efficiency for heating and hot water operation, passive cooling optionally possible
- Space-saving compact device for indoor and outdoor installation (technical room not absolutely necessary)
- remote monitoring (internet-compatible control)
- PV self-consumption optimization possible
- Flow temperatures up to 62 ° C

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Power supply: 400 Volt
Heat Power: -10 kW
Source: Groundwater
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